Chain has been around for over a thousand years. It is one of the most versatile and reliable ways to lift, tension and tie down materials in a variety of applications. In the past, people would use any type of chain to lift something, tie down a load or tow a vehicle. Proper inspection, safety […]


February 19, 2015  Today, we are posting updates to this blog article originally posted in 2011. This article continues to be one of our most visited, and we feel it our duty to keep this very important safety information up to date. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has the following regulations for slings: […]


Jason, an Assistant Manager with one of our Channel Partners, asks: “I received a call from a customer for whom I had conducted an inspection. The customer stated they received an OSHA reprimand for not having monthly inspections on their cranes. They have 2 top-running bridge underhung trolley-type cranes. OSHA referenced 1910.179 J2IV and 1910.179 […]


There is some confusion in the industry regarding crane configurations and the application of OSHA regulations. In a recent article in Industrial Lift & Hoist Magazine, Tom Reardon, one of Columbus McKinnon’s training managers, discusses the issue and provides clarification for crane users. OSHA 1910.179(a)(1) states that “A ‘crane’ is a machine for lifting and […]


MCM Events welcomes another speaker at the jointly held Crane & Rigging Conference and Industrial Crane & Hoist Conference at the Hampton Inn Hotel & Suites New Orleans-Convention Center, New Orleans, La. The conferences will take place May 23-24, 2012. Tom Reardon, Training Manager, Hoists and Cranes, for Columbus McKinnon Corporation, will provide an overview […]


Gene, a CMCO distributor salesperson, writes: “I am not seeing eye to eye with my customer on a bridge crane alarm issue. His claim is that the warning device must be an alarm (sound) and that it should be continuously on when the bridge is traveling.  The standard he is referencing is ANSI B30.2 (1967) […]


I recently attended the spring meeting of the WSTDA, (Web Sling Tie Down Association) in Fort Myers, FL. The meeting was comprised of web sling & tie down manufacturers, distributors & end users, a typical cross-section of its membership. Here are some of the highlights: WSTDA Performs its Own Testing One of the interesting things […]


Below are a few ASME updates that we thought you might find helpful: On Jan 18, 2011, ASME B30.9-2010  Slings became available for the public to purchase.  The latest revision covers safe care along with the use and inspection of alloy chains, synthetic slings, wire rope and metal mesh slings. Past and current revisions of […]


While conducting our overhead lifting safety training it never fails that we get a comment to the effect of, “We’ve been doing it this way for over twenty years. We never had an accident.  And, now you are telling me it’s wrong?” Just because you have been lifting a certain way for the past twenty […]

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Precast Inc. Magazine  had a good article in their March/April 2010  issue entitled “Accident Investigation” by Joan Shirikian-Hesselton. When the unthinkable happens action must be taken to ensure the unfortunate event doesn’t happen again. It is essential that investigations be conducted as fact finding not fault finding. What happened?  Don’t look for blame in an investigation – just the […]